Brand New Company, Apps Reporting, has a Visual Approach for Competitive Analysis


Leveraging Visual Analysis to Drive Executive, Marketing, UX, Design, and Development Teams Action for App Excellence

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— Apps Reporting

MIAMI, FL, UNITED STATES, March 25, 2021 / — The all-new Apps Reporting competitive analysis company will allow enterprise app companies an entirely new level of visual insight into the apps of competitors. The company claims to “Take your Apps to the next level with Visual Competitive Analysis.” Find the key to UX, Design, and Development Excellence.

Download a Sample Report or Schedule a LIVE Demo on Our Calendar.

The service helps app developers drive action from multiple departments including Executive, Marketing, UX, Design, and Development teams. Some of the reports offered are…

Cross-Platform and Individual Platform Full Scroll Screen-by-Screen, Side-by-Side
Individual App Element Analysis Compared
Highlight Ads Placement Full Scroll Screen-by-Screen, Side-by-Side
Custom Visual Reporting with Expert Analysis

All reports include expert analysis on comparisons, feature variances, and more.

The reports truly are customizable visual reporting with so many types and features to choose from.

A bit about their approach, in their own words: “Getting a comprehensive overview of an app is nearly impossible. Communicating a detailed app review to multiple members of a team proves difficult. We have eliminated these problems through visual competitive reporting.”

When you schedule a LIVE demo, here is what you can expect to see:

During the exclusive live demo, you will discover – Image Full Scroll, Side-by-Side View; the entire full scroll of your competitor’s app compared to your own app, side-by-side with immensely detailed expert analysis, image ‘Interface Analysis Compare’ features, layout, and functionality. Comprehensive written analysis for UX designers and development teams. Image Multi-App & Deep Dive Overview multiple competitors or fine-tune a single competitor deep-dive one on one. Choose individual platform reviews, cross-platform comparisons, or both. Select as many competitors as you like.

More about their approach: UX, Design, and Development teams can have a more iterative and comprehensive approach to finding and using all available assets they need. Discover, model, collaborate and share results to business stakeholders.

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The Apps Reporting Company wants to build something truly helpful for your team.

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