Bolden Ventures to launch professional athlete-focused digital assets management subsidiary


Bolden Ventures unveils new subsidiary called Athletes Block Capital

Bolden Ventures reveals new subsidiary called Athletes Block Capital logo

The founder Jonah Bolden is a next-generation visionary advocating for the creation of capital to empower millions of underserved people around the world.

BEVERLY HILLS, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, April 16, 2021 / — When asked about his low-profile status and time away from social media, NBA athlete Jonah Bolden responded with, “When you learn that the true essence of entrepreneurship and becoming your own boss is simply being comfortable with building relationships, integrating intellectual thoughts and conversations with other people from around the world through different mediums of networking, and taking big risks; it becomes easier to humble yourself and be grateful for every chance you get to wake up and live another day.”

Thinking has long been perceived as computational; it’s just that now, blockchains provide the additional functionality required to better realize all of these ideas. Decentralized finance is one of the rarest breakthroughs humanity has ever seen, it’s no wonder things are going on around us today that go beyond some of our wildest dreams. Recently, the companies founder Jonah Bolden stepped out of his low profile to begin creating teams focused on educating, guiding, and transitioning professional athletes into the decentralized finance space.

Bolden Ventures — the private equity investment firm — is now preparing to launch their first digital assets fund, with a laser focus on financial literacy, open-access education, and economic inclusion, according to two sources familiar with the team. BV, a relatively new yet prosperous group of business partners and private equity investors, started in the crypto space dating back to 2015. The company’s founder Jonah Bolden is beginning to become less known for his on-court athletic NBA stardom and more renowned for his low-profile yet extraordinarily successful on-chain investment strategies.

“We believe that with the onset of blockchain technology, web 3.0, and distributed ledger systems; people will begin to see the real-world benefits of truly open and decentralized financial systems. As more and more individuals start to leverage these innovations, we will begin to see a more efficient economic system based on value production incentives rather than the monetary system we see ourselves operating on today.”

– Founder, Jonah Bolden

Born and raised in Sydney, Australia; Jonah has gone from the bright lights, roaring arenas, and 36th pick in the NBA draft, to computer scientist-filled classrooms, online MIT conferences, and successfully starting his investment company with the help of his business team. Despite having lived in multiple regions all over the world, and essentially decentralizing his own thought process throughout his traveling years, Bolden has always maintained his strong ties to hometown hoops, high school buddies, and communities throughout Australia. He believes that “sports are not only a global phenomenon but also a vehicle for social cohesion and a foundational set of beliefs we all share.” When you think about it, sport really is the one thing that unites us all – no matter our age, gender, or appearance.

Pioneering this new initiative alongside Jonah is a carefully crafted team of software engineers, qualitative analysts, regulatory advisors, and blockchain enthusiasts. Jemima Law is another Australian on the Bolden Ventures staff that specializes as one of their most data-driven and analytical research analysts. With a successful track record in the capital markets and more recent roles such as Senior Associate of Corporate Finance at Commonwealth Bank. Law is also the co-founder of ARIS, an Australian clothing label that creates effortless pieces for the modern professional woman.

The newest addition to the Bolden Ventures staff is famously known software developer and crypto enthusiast, Shweta Chauhan, a veteran in the blockchain and decentralized finance sector. Chauhan is known for being named on the Forbes Top 30 Most Inspirational Women list to break boundaries through her senior development role at Kblocks, a Cardano stake pool operator, and lead technical position at Accenture, the world’s largest independent technology services provider. Chauhan co-founded the Lovelace Academy, which focuses on inspiring, educating, and guiding software developers and visionaries to build on top of the Cardano blockchain

“Personally, I’m thrilled that athletes have finally started noticing the Decentralized Finance space. The purpose of DeFi is to make every part of finance accessible to all. Since joining Bolden Ventures, I have identified the biggest challenge to adoption and the only way to make DeFi a household name, which is financial education. DeFi is something that can be customized as per the needs of any industry, not just finance, but financial literacy is the first step to financial freedom. So we want to make sure that company values are adhered to as we invest in other areas that align to our goals.”

– Shweta Chauhan

The fund will be named ‘Athletes Block Capital’ and will launch with five decentralized finance investment sectors: insurance, finance, privacy, infrastructure, and identity. The team plans to add at least three more sectors within the first 18 months. Recently, unreleased documents were sent out internally amongst the team, detailing some of the key benefits investors will receive when joining, here they are:

• “Handling and Control: Our funds enable you the investor to retain full custody of your assets at all times. Your money goes exactly where you want it to, whenever you want it. Finally, we can empower the average citizen to take control of their wealth and embark on their road to financial freedom.”

• “Peace of mind: By optimizing smart contracts and blockchain technology we say goodbye to the old days and remove the need for any order books, erase any liquidity concerns and guarantee zero-slippage when mitigating risk. Re-balancing your portfolios have never been easier.”

• “Signature Client Solutions: White-label services to suit the needs of high net-worth clients. Whether working with HNW individuals like professional athletes, individual angel investors, or retail investors who are simply looking at ways to hedge the dying dollar, our analysts possess the knowledge, patience, and experience necessary to fit the needs of anyone.”

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