Best Choice For Smart Watch in 2020

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Buying the best smartwatch is not an easy task. There are quite a few alternatives on the market, each with its design, its operating system and its idiosyncrasy, so it is normal that when choosing an alternative there is some confusion.

Precisely for this reason we have selected the main manufacturers’ proposals, we have analyzed them and we have put them face to face to check which is the best smartwatch that you can currently buy.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2

Best smartwatch 2020

If you are looking for the most complete watch for an Android mobile, the one we recommend is the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2. It does not have the best autonomy of all those compared below, but that is solved with a good batch of functions that range from answering notifications and calls to registering almost any exercise.

It is a beautiful, discreet watch with a correct screen / front ratio and a panel that looks really good. The maximum brightness level allows you to see the screen without any problem and has always on display technology , so you can see the time without having to activate the clock completely. The case is round, which makes it look like a conventional watch, and its weight / size ratio is very balanced, being one of the most comfortable watches we have found.

It is highly configurable, both aesthetically and functionally. In addition, it has its own application store, so that new elements can be added if necessary. Featured features include automatic walk detection, sleep monitoring, and your GPS speed. It also monitors sleep and its fluidity is at the level of fluidity it stays at the height of the Apple Watch, which is the maximum exponent of all those we have compared.

In short, it is the most recommended model for Android mobiles because it is the most complete and versatile. The one that comes closest to it in functions is the Fossil Gen 5, but it is much bigger and heavier, which makes it a device not too suitable for sports, and it has less autonomy. The Galaxy Watch 2 hardly notes that you are wearing it, it is discreet, it allows you to do everything (from answering a call to a WhatsApp) and its performance is excellent.

Now, a device as complete as the Galaxy Watch Active 2 has a high price, being only behind the Apple Watch Series 5. It can be obtained for 279 euros . If you are not looking for a complete watch and prefer something cheaper, another option to consider is the Huawei Watch GT 2, although it is very large and, ultimately, will depend on the diameter of your wrist.

Apple Watch Series 5

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It is indisputable: Apple knows what is done when it comes to making accessories for your phones, and the Apple Watch Series 5 is the most recommended model if you have an iPhone . It is not that the one that has the best battery nor is it the cheapest, but the Apple Watch is the one that is best understood with the iPhone when we talk about making calls, answering notifications and controlling the Apple ecosystem.

Its design is beautiful, simple, intuitive and the feeling on the wrist is excellent. In addition, it offers a huge number of sports modes for those looking for a companion in exercise sessions . The level of brightness is good, the size is perfect, large, but without feeling exaggerated when we wear it all day.

The device, in addition, shows us in real time the pulsations, the activity, the steps and the calories burned, and has a huge number of additional applications that can be downloaded from the dedicated App Store, allowing, for example, to add sleep detection which, unfortunately, is not implemented by default.

And why not another model with another operating system? Because while devices such as the Fossil Gen 5, the Galaxy Watch Active 2 and the Huawei Watch GT 2 allow you to receive and answer calls, only the Apple Watch Series 5 allows you to answer notifications, control Siri to do actions on your mobile and manage compatible applications. with WatchOS that we have installed on the iPhone. Basically it is an ecosystem issue.

The negative part of the Apple Watch Series 5 is its autonomy, somewhat below other models, as we will break down below, and the price, which is the highest of all the watches covered in this buying guide: 479 euros . If you want something cheaper, you do not value the Apple ecosystem and you do not mind not being able to answer notifications, the Huawei Watch GT 2 may be an option.

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