Beautifully Handcrafted Works of Art Launch on Kickstarter


SINGAPORE, May 5, 2021 / — A new combination of art and embroidery has landed on Kickstarter in the form of wearable, handmade miniatures depicting famous paintings.

Unlike many batch products on the market today, each piece in this fresh new collection has been made by hand to create an authentic, delicate warmth that can be cherished by friends, loved ones, or yourself.

Each piece takes over five hours to create, but if you are a fan of classic art, then these are for you. From oil paintings to impressionism to Van Gough, these miniature embroideries perfectly capture the timeless beauty of famous works of art, which can be worn around your neck in a complementary fashion.

A company spokesperson stated: “The embroidery market is less promising today. Machines produce handmade products in batches, but those pieces can never convey the delicacy and charm of handmade embroidery.”

“After numerous discussions with designers and embroiderers, it was agreed that necklaces based on Starry Night and Sunflowers by Vincent Van Gogh would make the perfect roll-out pieces for the collection.”

“After posting the pictures of necklaces online, we had so much love and encouragement from the fans of embroidery and art. With their overwhelming support, we then designed the embroidery necklaces under the themes of Four Seasons and Aliens.”

Inspired by Van Gogh’s paintings, the combination of embroidery with oil paintings that caters to modern aesthetics makes this a remarkable business venture. In addition to the Starry Night and Sunflower, there is also the Four Seasons and Alien series. The French DMC thread and high-quality cotton cloth are used in the works, with the embroidery placed onto the brassy collets and then turned into necklaces. The idea is to create a real sense of delicacy in every piece.

Embroidery is traditional Chinese craftsmanship with over 2,000 years of history behind every stitch. Today, this same technique is used by many luxury clothing brands to enhance their wear – but very few have considered using this practice to design premium and stylish jewelry.

“We also have a brochure about the embroidery culture, introducing the top-class embroidery works, and the whole process from thread weaving to final products,” the company spokesperson added. “On one hand, this is what we should do; on the other, we will contribute half of the revenues from the brochures to the embroidery studios. I am dedicated to this program and hope these paintings are purchased by those who know their value. Our team, our studio, and the embroider culture need your support! Thank you.”

Alex Du