Battle of the Fruits: Which is Best for Skincare?


When you look at different skincare products out there, aside from the chemicals, there is one kind of ingredient you might notice often: fruits. Of course, when they are added to your diet, they are some of the best sources of nutrients, which benefit you from head to toe.

But are they helpful as an ingredient in a face mask you buy online? And is there a fruit that’s more helpful than the others?

Consider the Water Content

 Moisturizers, toners, and even your face masks all contain water. The fruit ingredients of these products may also contain a lot of water, which is loaded with all the goodness you want your skin to get. Aloe vera, watermelon, and cucumber are just some of the common ingredients you may see on skincare products, and they are all mostly water. This makes them easy to add to products, and it also makes them easy for your skin to absorb. They also add to the efficacy of the product compared to when it just uses regular water.

Check the Vitamins

For better skin, it’s recommended that you load up on antioxidants, and when we’re talking about antioxidants, it’s also important to talk about vitamin C. This vitamin works well in helping your skin absorb antioxidants as well as other important nutrients that are found in your skincare products. Lemon, strawberries, blueberries, and pomegranates are just some examples of fruits that give you a lot of vitamin C or antioxidants. With these fruits as part of your skincare, the rest of your products can be absorbed by your skin more effectively.

Choose the Scent

When you’re eating a delicious meal, one of the first things you notice is the aroma. This is the same for the products you use. You are drawn to products that have a good smell, and they make you feel good about using the product even before you see or feel its effects on your skin. In fact, for some people, the scent may be the first to draw them in, and if they have to choose between two products, they might go with the one that smells better. Skincare, after all, is also about getting a relaxing feeling after spending some time on yourself, and a good scent helps with that. Strawberries, chamomile (though not a fruit), vanilla, and apples are some of the scents you might see (or smell!) often in skincare products. These all give off a relaxing scent that makes the product all the more enticing to use and ties together your skincare routine, especially if you have a favorite scent that you use for your shampoo, conditioner, and even your exfoliant and lotion.

Just like in your diet, it’s advisable that you’re considering variety when you choose the products you use on your skin. This way, you are getting that relaxing scent, but also the benefits of water-rich and vitamin-rich ingredients. But of course, you’re free to choose one main fruit combined with others to tie your skincare routine together. At the end of the day, all of them work in a great way, and you’re winning whichever you choose.