Fri. Apr 23rd, 2021
V.E.T.S (Veterans Entrepreneur Training Seminar)

V.E.T.S (Veterans Entrepreneur Training Seminar)

Roy Jones Jr and Axios Investigations Firm CEO

Roy Jones Jr and Axios Investigations Firm CEO

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V.E.T.S (Veterans Entrepreneur Training Seminar) was created to help inspire Veterans or anyone wishing to become a business owner.

So many people, Veterans, and civilians, desire to be a business owner but do not know where to begin. V.E.T.S was created to help address that issue.”

— CEO, Axios Investigations Firm, LLC

SOUTHERN PINES, NORTH CAROLINA, UNITED STATES, March 22, 2021 / — Axios Investigations Firm, Roy Jones Jr and Kraken-Skulls hosting V.E.T.S (Veterans Entrepreneur Training Seminar). V.E.T.S (Veterans Entrepreneur Training Seminar) was created to help inspire Veterans or anyone wishing to become a business owner. Millions of people desire to be a business owner. With the many Veterans getting, out, or retiring starting their own business may be something they wish to do but do not have the knowledge to do so.

V.E.T.S provides real stories from successful Veteran-Owned businesses. Each speaker is a successful entrepreneur amassing over $1 million in sales while creating a multi-national brand. They will share their stories of success and failures helping the audience learn the right path to business success. There will also be an interactive Q&A session that will allow audience questions to be asked and answered by the panel. A portion of the ticket sales will be donated to charity.

Speakers such as:

Chad-who owns Kraken-Skulls a Men’s Beard Care and Woobie Hoodie Apparel Company that has grown as a household name with celebrities and sports stars.

Mike Evock- the owner of Racing for Heroes an organization that helps Veterans with their issues with racing and community outreach. Their goal is to help Veterans find alternatives to drugs and self-medication to provide a positive influence in their lives.

Dan Fielding- an Author who has sold millions of his book and voted as an Amazon Best Seller, “The Asset Mindset.” The book describes his time in the Special Forces and how he used the power of his mind to be his strongest weapon in and out of the military.

Magda Khalifa – a 1st-generation American, US Army combat veteran, business owner, speaker, and bestselling author of “American DREAM: Discipline, Resilience, Endurance, Adaptability, and Mentorship to Succeed and Win in Life“. After witnessing the attacks in New York City on September 11, 2001, she left her lucrative career and comfortable life to join the military and fight the enemy. After two tours in Iraq, she returned home to face her own battle, struggling with transition and health issues. Magda succeeded in turning her life around and shared her success path through the Freedom Triangle (TM), introduced to the world in her memoir.

Also, a special message from our guest speaker Champ Roy Jones Jr who will share some of his stories and obstacles to becoming one of the greatest boxing champions in American History!

Plus, many other successful Veteran business owners will be speaking that have broken through the challenges of being an entrepreneur and created successful ventures.

You can purchase shirts via our add-ons and a portion of the shirt sales will go to charity.

There are over 2.52 million Veteran Run/Owned businesses in the country (according to the small business association.)

Overview of veteran-owned businesses

2.52 million | Businesses in the U.S. that are majority-owned by veterans

442,485 | Veteran-owned businesses with employees

2.08 million | Self-employed veteran businesses (no employees)

9.1% | Percentage of all U.S. businesses that are majority-owned by veterans

$1.14 trillion | Total annual revenues of veteran-owned businesses

5.03 million | Total number of employees of veteran-owned businesses

$195 billion | Annual payroll of veteran-owned businesses

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