Award-Winning Spine Surgeon Dr. Jeffrey Gross Credited for Improving COVID-19 Testing Sensitivity


Finding ways to improve testing has been a global top priority. Dr. Jeffrey Gross’s work from the late 80’s is being tapped for its value in this area.

NEWPORT BEACH, CA, U.S., April 27, 2021 / — California and Nevada-based Dr. Jeffrey Gross is best known for his work as a neurosurgeon focused on spinal injuries. That said, his past experience and current knowledge touches many other areas, Remarkably, a project he worked on over two decades ago is winning praise for helping improve the sensitivity of the viral DNA PCR test used COVID-19 identification. This valuable breakthrough was developed at the George Washington University Virology laboratory in 1988-1990, by a team that included Dr. Gross. His group improved the testing for specific strands of Cytomegaloviral DNA using an enhancement technique called “Nested PCR.” This technique is a test within a test to improve sensitivity and specificity of a viral DNA PCR test. The news that this testing technique is helping save lives today has been met with gratitude and enthusiasm.

“I am honored to have been part of something so important to helping so many,” commented Dr. Gross. “I am so happy that my work from years ago is relevant today, and helping patients with present health care needs. It really shows how we can be doing something very important and not really know it until way into the future.”

According to researchers Dr. Gross’ team’s techniques are being referenced and implemented to improve testing for COVID-19, both to reduce false positive and false negative tests. Two important independent groups (Zhang, et. al., and Meza-Robles, et. al..) have recently been able to successfully apply the nested PCR technique to test for SARS-CoV-2 and have reported on the results positively in important medical journals.

Dr. Gross continues to offer world-class spine, neck and back treatment in both Newport Beach, California and Henderson, Nevada.

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