Australian Vaccine First In World To Show Ability To Totally Block Covid-19 Virus Transmission


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Vaxine’s promising new COVID-19 vaccine candidate

Australian company, Vaxine Pty Ltd, has developed a protein-based COVID-19 vaccine that completely blocks virus transmission to non-immune individuals

The world has been begging for a highly effective and safe Covid-19 vaccine that blocks the pandemic transmission cycle. Vaxine has now delivered this.”

— Sharen Pringle, Business Manager, Vaxine

ADELAIDE, SOUTH AUSTRALIA, AUSTRALIA, May 10, 2021 / — The COVAX-19™ vaccine being developed by Australian company, Vaxine Pty Ltd, is set to be a game-changer in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic and could allow earlier re-opening of national borders after it was shown to not only protect but also to completely block virus transmission to non-immune animals.

Professor Petrovsky, Vaxine’s Research Director, explains that latest data from virus challenge studies recently undertaken overseas, confirms Vaxine’s Covid-19 vaccine not only protects immunised animals against the virus but also in a world first could prevent transmission of the virus to non-immune animals placed in the same cage.

“This is extremely exciting as no other Covid-19 vaccine has been yet shown to completely prevent Covid-19 virus transmission between individuals,” says Professor Petrovsky.

“Vaxine’s biggest challenge now is to quickly raise the financial resources to complete Phase 3 human clinical trials and get our Covid-19 vaccine manufactured at large scale which is likely to be in the order of $50 million dollars.”

“In another major breakthrough, Vaxine have also successfully created a breakthrough multivalent vaccine to protect against the new Covid-19 virus variants including the worrying South African, Brazilian and Indian mutant strains. The results of our multivalent Covid-19 vaccine formulation in animal testing is looking very promising”Dr. Petrovsky said.

Vaxine’s COVAX-19™ vaccine is a subunit vaccine based on synthetic protein produced using harmless insect cells to which Vaxine’s proprietary Advax polysaccharide adjuvant is added as a vaccine turbocharger to maximise the vaccine’s effectiveness and durability.

Vaxine is currently working with partners in overseas countries to assist in the upcoming phase 3 human clinical trials.

Vaxine has a long history of successfully developing pandemic vaccines, having previously developed vaccines against the SARS and MERS coronaviruses that were shown to be highly protective in relevant animal models. Vaxine also recently published data from its collaboration with the US Army on development of a promising Ebola vaccine.

In 2009 Vaxine successfully undertook the first human trials in the world of a swine flu vaccine, setting the record for vaccine development of taking less than 3 months from discovery of the new swine flu virus to the start of the human trial.

Similarly in 2019 Vaxine made headlines when an influenza vaccine including components created by it using artificial intelligence (AI) entered human trials, in so doing becoming the first vaccine in the world designed by AI to enter human testing.

Having been based in Adelaide, Australia for the last 17 years, with all its recent success Vaxine is now in the process of assessing strategic possibilities for future location of its global headquarters.

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