Atmosphere Press Offers Three Game-Changing Protections to Authors


The Austin, Texas-based, author-friendly publisher is proud to highlight three significant ways it differs from traditional publishing houses.

AUSTIN, TEXAS, UNITED STATES , May 3, 2021 / — For well-established and aspiring authors alike, the publishing industry can be fraught with peril, from predatory presses that charge exorbitant fees while over-promising and under-delivering on promotion to exploitative traditional publishing firms that demand editorial control over content and keep a hefty chunk of proceeds from book sales for themselves. Atmosphere Press is a different kind of publishing house—one that puts authors first—and it is proud to extend three game-changing protections to authors that are remarkably uncommon in the publishing world.

To begin with, whereas other major publishing houses almost always stipulate a cut of any revenue generated from books they publish in their contracts with authors, Atmosphere Press insists that all of their authors keep 100% of their royalties and sales proceeds without exception. A significant benefit of this is that it allows the press to advise authors on editorial and design decisions without financial conflicts of interest.

Atmosphere Press also gives authors final veto power over decisions regarding content so that they maintain artistic autonomy over their creative vision. This is in stark contrast to entrenched traditional publishers, who generally try to insert themselves into many aspects of the creative process before allowing a work to be published, sometimes in direct conflict with the author’s intended artistic vision.

Finally, Atmosphere Press differs from traditional publishing houses in that every author it works with retains 100% intellectual property ownership rights over their work, including any derivatives, republications, translations, and adaptations. Needless to say, this usually isn’t the case when authors—especially first-time authors—sign with traditional publishing houses.

Atmosphere Press seeks to establish itself as a publisher built on a strong foundation of author-friendly principles. It views its authors as partners and artists, rather than merely as commodity-creators. Those who would like to learn more about Atmosphere Press, from its roster of recent titles to its submission guidelines, can visit the company’s official website.

About Atmosphere Press:

Atmosphere Press was founded by author Nick Courtright in 2015 based on the five core tenets of honesty, transparency, professionalism, kindness, and superior tradecraft. The company prides itself on assiduously upholding these virtues, and deals with its authors accordingly. With each new project it takes on, Atmosphere Press strives to realize the authorial vision in an effective, yet ethical manner. Possessing decades of combined experience in professional writing, editing, designing and publishing, the staff at Atmosphere Press combine a love of poetry and literature with a deep and far-reaching knowledge of the industry. At its essence, Atmosphere Press was created to serve as a premiere service for authors who want to partner with not just any publisher, but one who acts as a true collaborator throughout every step of the book-making process.
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