ANIL UZUN Announces New Exhibition: The Clouds and Skyscrapers


ANIL UZUN has announced his new exhibition on clouds and skyscrapers. The exhibition runs from May 15 to August 12.

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, May 3, 2021 / — The Clouds and Skyscrapers by ANIL UZUN emphasize the significance of the sky in architecture photography – to show the infinite artistic possibilities of clouds and skyscrapers.

ANIL UZUN says, “We have the sky always before us. Therefore we do not recognize how beautiful it is. And I love when that beauty meets architecture. I am an architect and a photographer, and that is what defines my work and my art. With my new exhibition, I want to show the variety, beauty, grandeur, and serenity where architecture meets clouds.”

The exhibition is to explore the metaphorical relationship between clouds and architecture. Conceptions of both contradict such nature versus culture, but they live happily together.

“From the time I started taking photos, clouds have been central to my aesthetic.
Clouds and Skyscrapers demonstrate that clouds play a key role in the development and reception of my photography,” continues ANIL UZUN.

The Clouds and Skyscrapers exhibition runs from May 15 to August 12. To visit the exhibition, go to


ANIL UZUN is an architect and a photographer. He was born in 1968 in İstanbul. He has been taking photos since 1990 and has been an architect since 1994. ANIL UZUN organizes group exhibitions for the underground artists, facilitates projects for independent photography artists, and makes their work seen. He also joins the photography projects and presentations with his books. He works as an independent architect for many companies and projects and continues to travel worldwide to take photos.

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