AMSA Connect Partners with Dordt University for System and Data Integration


Higher education institutions are moving away from iPaaS in search of fully optimized data flow

USA, April 27, 2021 / — Today, AMSA Connect announced a new partnership with Dordt University, which will be adopting AMSA Connect’s Integration Relationship Management™ (IRM) platform. Dordt University, a Christian university, made the choice to move an Integration-platform-as-a-Service (iPaaS) paradigm. iPaas is increasingly being superseded by newer, more agile choices. AMSA Connect enables educational organizations to effortlessly integrate SaaS and cloud-based applications, verify data and facilitate real-time reporting—driving better and more cost-effective interdepartmental communication. In this way, they represent the leading edge of a trend away from iPaaS.

Dordt University will migrate from their current iPaaS vendor, beginning with Salesforce to Colleague integration.

“We are excited to be able to partner with AMSA Connect and adopt their Integration Relationship Management platform,” says Greg Van Dyke, Director of Admissions at Dordt University. “We anticipate that this new tool will allow us to better integrate applications and to provide real-time reporting, which is crucial for the work we do as a university.”

Higher education institutions are now searching for and adopting better data management options to replace outdated legacy programs. They are converting existing iPaaS-based architectures to IRM platforms.

AMSA Connect has been recognized as a first-class software partner, offering its cutting-edge IRM platform for phone and email verification along with a valuable data deduplication feature. Within the platform, AMSA Connect provides a communication feed that allows for several departments to connect and exchange real-time operational information. Departments now have the option of simultaneously updating multiple systems to streamline information.

“Operational efficiency using the newest technology is key for higher education institutions,” said a spokesperson for AMSA Connect. “IT professionals are discarding older iPaaS solutions due to its complex integration, lack of decent built-in system upgrades and expansion, along with the potential for data duplication and human error.”

Though once considered a breakthrough, iPaaS is now showing its age. Institutions relying on iPaaS have been burdened with messy Application Programming Interfaces (API’s), unhealthy data, expensive maintenance packages and inefficient information flow. In contrast, IRM offers an optimal data integration solution for Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Learning Management Systems (LMS’s), and Student Information Systems (SIS’s). AMSA Connect is the go-to company for IRM.

There are many benefits to adopting IRM, especially given the typical structure of educational institutions, with their multiple departments, information pipelines, and high data volume. This can lead to problematic process inconsistencies and siloed systems. For example, with iPaaS, if IT updates personal student information in one database, the data may not be updated in other existing university systems.

iPaaS also tends not to be a customizable solution. Rather, iPaaS solutions have the reputation for being inflexible, with the once appealing “all-in-one” approach now seen as an architectural impediment rather than a benefit.

Many other institutions in addition to Dordt University are opting to take a smarter path to manage institutional data and knowledge in real-time by selecting the AMSA Connect IRM platform. AMSA Connect has upgraded many higher education institutions and is proud to serve Dordt University, Dallas Baptist University, El Camino College, Barry University, Columbia College, and many more in the pipeline.

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