Alexander Lubka Discusses Becoming a Better Business Leader by Learning Project Management Essentials


Alex Lubka

NEW HAVEN, CONNECTICUT, UNITED STATES, May 5, 2021 / — Business leaders have a huge responsibility to provide mentorship, guidance, and direction for the people they lead. They also need to be visionary and set goals to give their followers a purpose and meaning to achieve progress.

Certified Associate in Project Management, Alexander Lubka, suggests that every business leader needs to study the essentials of project management to get the best out of their team.

The current compliance and pandemic officer at PenangBenny Consulting, LLC, Alexander Lubka believes in the growing value of project management skills. Alexander stresses that the processes and strategies taught in project management will be beneficial to provide business leaders with a unique set of skills that will give them the power to perform confidently in any assignment and project.

The two principal tenets of project management are cost management and efficiency, and incidentally, they are also the major lessons taught in project management classes and courses. Alexander Lubka indicates that business leaders will learn about methodologies like Agile, Scrum, and DevOps in project management, which can be used to manage projects in various industries. They provide solutions to achieving project deadlines, exploring sprint planning, and guaranteeing improved project delivery.

Alexander Lubka explains that teamwork and effective collaboration are two factors that can help any organization achieve success in any project. Project management offers potent tools and technologies that make it feasible to achieve collaboration in the workspace.

Project Managers will learn how to use JIRA from manager, user, and administrator perspectives, to track product development using a highly customizable platform. They will discover the usefulness of Scrum, Kanban Boards, Roadmaps, and Agile Reporting, simplifying processes, saving time, and increasing power through automation.

Trello is also another powerful project management tool that business leaders will love and appreciate. The software offers tools and resources to help teams better work together and achieve a common goal faster. No worries about code-automation and the platform allow integrating top work tools like Google Drive, Dropbox, and Microsoft Teams.

It’s nearly impossible to avoid unforeseen challenges while trying to complete a project. Alexander Lubka states project leaders will learn goal setting, planning, and organizing, which are significant elements of project management. They will learn to properly make schedules and stick to them, which will help them avoid cost overruns and delays.

Project management also teaches business leaders to manage integration, maximize resources, communicate effectively, address changes and quality, and retain and use the knowledge acquired during previous projects.

Failure can be avoided, and it’s essential to understand the best way to turn it into an advantage. Project management prepares business leaders to creatively manage failures and use them to improve results for future projects.

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