Alan Bohms’ New Nature Photography Blog Website Draws Immense Traffic in First Month


NASHVILLE, TN, USA, March 30, 2021 / — A new nature photography blog site by Nashville photographer Alan Bohms, which made its debut in early February 2021, has already received more than 100% of its predicted website visitors in its first month, according to Bohms.

The photography blog site can be accessed at Alan Bohms said he created the new website to assist photographers—both beginners and veterans—in honing their skills and maximizing the mental and emotional benefits of photographing nature.

On the website, readers can learn how to use the latest photography equipment to achieve the effects they desire to see in their nature shots. For instance, they can learn how to properly use sunlight to capture images, as well as learn how distant they should be from their subjects to achieve the perfect lighting conditions. Bohms also encourages readers to take photos during sunsets and sunrises. The more that photographers practice harnessing sunlight from a variety of angles and during different times of the day, the better they will become at utilizing light to achieve their artistic goals, according to Bohms.

Bohms furthermore uses the website to teach readers how to practice composition—a fundamental aspect of photography. For example, they can practice taking pictures in the unique style of Wes Anderson or Steven Spielberg. Readers can also learn from the site how to capture a live subject and concentrate on just one subject at a time.

The website additionally encourages photographers to explore their camera settings so that they can successfully take photographs even when conditions are not ideal—for example, in low-light conditions. In addition, Bohms explains to readers the importance of practicing photo editing, as well as how to tell impactful stories through their images.

Overall, through the website, readers can gain the many skills they need to thrive as professional or even hobbyist photographers in the coming spring and summer seasons, according to Bohms.

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