Agilent Technologies Announces New Global Cannabis and Hemp Potency Testing Channel Partner, Ionization Labs


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Ionization Labs presents Cann-ID SaaS Solution

Ionization Labs Cann-ID solution

New relationship enables accurate, rapid, scalable cannabis and hemp testing for customers around the world

Ionization Lab’s Cann-ID solution is forward-thinking and addresses the needs that are beneficial to farmers, processors, and regulators.”

— Geoff Whaling, Chair of the National Hemp Association

AUSTIN, TX, UNITED STATES, April 30, 2021 / — Ionization Labs has joined Agilent Technologies as a Global Channel Partner to collaborate on sales, marketing, and ongoing product development of Ionization Labs’ proprietary Cann-ID platform. Through this partnership, Ionization Labs will accelerate their reach, from 20 US states and three countries at present, to all 50 US states and all other countries with legal cannabis and or hemp industries included in Agilent’s 100 plus country international sales distribution system.

The Cann-ID solution is an in-house cannabinoid testing solution for hemp and legal cannabis featuring cloud-based chemical data analytics software combined with an Agilent HPLC hardware platform. The platform supports the hemp and legal cannabis industries ecosystem, including extractors, cultivators, and processors tasked with improving extraction yield, process efficiency, and product compliance concerning cannabinoid derivatives. Cann-ID also supports the industries from regulatory and compliance, with Cann-ID’s standardized cloud-based data platform that can support inter-state, intra-state, international import, and export. This tool even supports banking and insurance utilization as a risk mitigation tool. This is timely with the US Congress pushing the Safe Banking Act.

Industry leaders have recognized Cann-ID as a viable industry support solution. “As America’s newest commodity crop, hemp provides so much potential for the new green economy. To reach its potential in the food and dietary supplement sectors, testing and standards will have to be vigorously developed”, said Geoff Whaling, Chair of the National Hemp Association. “Ionization Lab’s Cann-ID solution is forward-thinking and addresses the needs that are beneficial to farmers, processors, and regulators.”

The Cann-ID solution Ionization Labs has developed an affordable, innovative potency testing solution, facilitating quick implementation and a strong return on investment relating to Cap-X and time. The solution was developed in an ISO-17025 analytical lab, utilizing proven and approved methods audited by A2LA. As such, not only are industry operators able to use Cann-ID in their four walls, it can also be deployed in professional analytical labs for COA (certification of analysis) purposes.

Co-Founder and President Cree Crawford shares, “Cann-ID brings a level of standardization and access to quality chemical data and analysis never before available. The ability for a processor or cultivator to have the same platform in their operations as the lab they are sending samples for COA approvals is a powerful and disruptive game-changer for industries in great need of standardization.”

Cann-ID is available as a subscription SaaS model, which provides everything needed to run tests, including the Agilent HPLC hardware platform, Ionization Labs Cann-ID software, and consumables. Maintenance and technical support, including analytical chemists, are also available, giving clients access to a specialized support team ready to optimize their in-house testing needs.

For those seeking lab-grade, in-field chemical data, the Ionization Labs and Agilent partnership could not come at a better time, as the hemp and cannabis spaces continue to develop at a fever pitch and producers seek to out-perform competitors with higher quality and innovative new products. Cann-ID is a boon to organizations looking to maximize their data’s value at unprecedented speeds and bring products to market.

“We are heavily focused on the next generation of domestic and international cannabis and hemp companies who are currently or are preparing to participate in interstate and international commerce, where chain-of-custody and independent trust verification systems are mission-critical to the success of their organizations,” Alex Andrawes, Co-founder and CEO of Ionization Labs, says. “We see Agilent as a critical partner in the pathway to successful domestic and international cannabis and hemp commerce.”

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