AeroJet Me and Join Forces Taking Luxury Travel to New Horizons

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LONDON, Apr. 14, 2021—A leading international private jet rental company- AeroJet has become a supplier to the worlds largest crypto friendly OTA

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, April 26, 2021 / — With the massive gains in cryptocurrency prices,’s customers are increasingly requesting luxury travel services from new millionaires whose budgets no longer constrain their travel dreams. Already the OTA’s customers have booked a number of flights on private jets. As bitcoin’s price reaches new highs almost monthly generally pulling up other tokens with it, we see a great win-win relationship.

While some companies are still cautious of working with Cryptocurrency backed businesses has more than earned its stripes and is already a partner with leading travel giants like Expedia,, and more than 600 commercial airlines bookable on their site.

The new partnership will allow AeroJet Me to continue developing its growing network of business partners while will now be able to add an additional luxury jet supplier to meet the growing demand. “We are excited to be partnering with in line with our common objective of satisfying our high-end clients’ needs.”, says Irina Duisimbekova, co-founder & CEO of AeroJet Me.

Private jet travel versus commercial aviation
Private jet aviation booking platforms like AeroJet Me, are today re-inventing the luxury travel industry. Despite recent vaccine rollouts the regular commercial airline industry, hit hard by the pandemic, is still struggling to pick up. Luxury jet rental businesses, thanks to their VIP Client service teams available around the clock 24/7, is becoming the most viable option for time-pressed clients seeking hassle-free and tailor-made travel solutions. Time, being life’s most precious commodity, is something that is prized, with customers spared from needlessly waiting at busy airports’ ticket or security counters. Clients are offered total flexibility- able to choose from tens of thousands of different destinations in addition to selecting from an extensive aircraft fleet spanning cargo charters, light-midsize business jets to helicopters.

Promising future for a luxury jet niche segment
Recent studies show a clear spike in the number of inquiries by potential clients wishing to travel by private jets. On average in 2020, compared to the previous year, the increase has been over 40 %. The Covid-19 pandemic has undoubtedly contributed to the growing number of passengers turning their backs on conventional first-class travel on commercial airlines which have seen flight schedules severely disrupted, with clients instead opting for 4-6 seat private jets to get them safely to their desired destinations. Another interesting development that is giving the luxury jet travel niche sector a fresh impetus, is the declining demand for private jet ownership by ultra-high net worth individuals and businesses alike. Attitudes are changing, with clients putting their faith in private jet broker companies like AeroJet Me, who have the know-how of how best to cater for the most demanding of client needs. Time will tell if working from remote and secluded luxury destinations will be a trend that will perpetuate. However, one thing is sure- private jet travel is only just taking off towards new horizons.

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