Adam Seger Launches New Microsite Focused on the Art and Science of Making Cocktails/Food and Exciting Customers


CHICAGO, ILLINOIS, UNITED STATES, April 19, 2021 / — Individuals who wish to excel at making/serving culinary cocktails/food and offering excellent customer service in the hospitality industry can now access a brand-new educational microsite by industry expert Adam Seger.

The website can be accessed at Seger said he decided to launch the website to share with the masses his unique “drink like we eat philosophy,” which will be the subject of a soon-coming book by the self-proclaimed wonky wine geek. The site also offers detailed tips for exciting customers through every aspect of their dining experiences. In addition, readers can learn about the importance of honing their people skills in today’s competitive hospitality, taste, beverage, and food industries.

Seger, who earned the title of the Best Mixologist at Time Out Market Chicago in 2008, has spent years mastering the areas of beverage, food, hospitality, and even teaching. The Certified Culinary Professional—a designation he received through the International Association of Culinary Professionals—also possesses certification as an Advanced Sommelier through The Court of Master Sommeliers. In addition, Food and Wine Magazine named him a leading “Spirits Guru.”

As a farm-to-bar social movement pioneer, Seger has consistently displayed a distinguished wine palate coupled with an obsession for five-star food. In addition, as a visionary mixologist, he has curated and created beverage and cocktail features for fundraisers as well as major exhibit openings at New York City’s Metropolitan Museum of Art and The Art Institute of Chicago.

With his extensive industry experience, Seger is encouraging more cocktail enthusiasts and bartenders to expand their visions for beverages. For instance, he is encouraging them to source and add fresh ingredients to their products, as well as develop new visions even for classic mixes. His goal through his new site is to further equip and inspire readers to think outside of the box when creating both drinks and dishes in the months and years ahead.

Adam Seger
Adam Seger
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