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Souls from Mercury: Chakra Magic: Empowering Relationships

A guide to empower one’s relationship

COOKSTOWN, NEW JERSEY, USA, May 5, 2021 / — Far too often in this day and age, we tend to focus on ourselves, only inward towards what we want, what will satisfy us, and what we believe will bring us happiness and peace. However, without realizing it, this self-centered approach could lead us towards a path of negativity and destruction, resulting in evils such as bullying, petty crime, conflict with others, and more. It is through strengthening our relationships with others that Master Raju of Mercury Man Publishing believes we will transcend our old ways as a species and become something more.

For more than two decades, Master Raju Ramanathan has guided numerous people from all walks of life to a path that leads to strong personal bonds with one another. Using empathy and kindness, Master Raju’s messages that draw from multiple denominations and beliefs have become very effective for large multi-million-dollar corporations, CEOs and businessmen, stay-at-home parents, and all sorts of human souls. He travels the world to be the life coach and spiritual advisers to people who seek out his help, and with his website, he can reach so many more people with just a few clicks of the mouse.

His website is a repository of knowledge that is centered around his main work: Souls from Mercury: Chakra Magic: Empowering Relationships. This book represents the core essence of his beliefs, that it is through delving deep into ourselves, with meditation and mindfulness for others, that we will all develop the kindness and empathy necessary to mark the next steps in evolution. This message from his book is also found in the merchandise available, which can help bring Master Raju’s thoughts to many more people.

Get started in your journey to harmony and strengthening personal relationships by visiting his website today!

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