A new web app to get people back into Sydney CBD pubs

www.findavenue.io founder Jamie Andrei UNDER 2MB

www.findavenue.io founder Jamie Andrei UNDER 2MB

www.findavenue.io venue link to COVID Safe Check-in example

www.findavenue.io venue link to COVID Safe Check-in example

www.findavenue.io the live web app that brings discoverability, safety, spontaneity and stress-free navigation to visitors venturing to Sydney’s CBD.

www.findavenue.io the live web app that brings discoverability, safety, spontaneity and stress-free navigation to visitors venturing to Sydney’s CBD.”

— Jamie Andrei


A new web app to get people back into Sydney CBD pubs.

Sydneysiders can now visit leading pubs in the city and save time with www.findavenue.io. The live web app that brings discoverability, safety, spontaneity and stress-free navigation to visitors venturing to Sydney’s CBD, including seamless linking to the Service NSW COVID Safe Check-in app.

Supported by a grant from the Sydney City Council, the map-based live web app has been launched as a free trial in the Sydney CBD.

It was not long ago during COVID-19’s peak that almost 95 percent of NSW pub workers were stood down or had their jobs terminated. Additionally, Sydney CBD recreational visitor numbers dropped by 86% and NSW public transport usage numbers almost halved.

With rays of light emerging following the Covid-19 global pandemic, fostering a safe environment to encourage people to return to cities has never been more important.

However, despite the good news, COVID-19 continues to impact CBD hospitality businesses as not everyone is comfortable returning to the city centre for leisure and entertainment. And although initiatives such as the $500 million Dine and Discover program are promoting a safe return to city life, the public are finding it frustrating and stressful as some venues are booked-out weeks in advance and customers are not sure whether they will be let in without a booking.

To address this agile, lean innovators are using technology to proactively support the sector’s economic recovery. One such innovation is www.findavenue.io. Founded by creative entrepreneur Jamie Andrei, based in Australia’s leading innovation hub Stone and Chalk at the Sydney Startup Hub, the live web app is currently being trialed in Sydney’s CBD.

Leading, forward thinking venues already using the web app as part of the live trial include Harts Pub, York Lane, Papa Gedes Bar, The Fortune of War, The Glenmore Hotel, Since I Left You, The Australian Heritage Hotel, The Captains Balcony, The Foxhole, Argyle Bar, Spawn Point Bar and Stitch Bar with more venues to be announced shortly.

www.findavenue.io is a free to use live web app that is all about encouraging the safe return of foot traffic to the city. The web app creates a seamless experience using data to allow the public to find the best venue options near them and increase certainty when it comes to making plans.

The app makes it easy to browse by venue capacity in real time, register for SMS alerts should a venue be full, and it can walk customers straight to a venue’s door via Google Map directions, and importantly allows Covid Safe Sign-in by linking to the Service NSW app in a seamless manner. It also features a window signage mode that displays the capacity status in venue windows as a visual nudge to attract walk-in customers.

www.findavenue.io is designed to match patrons to venues near them and to optimise occupancy for owners, replacing the need to queue or crowd around to scan a QR code to sign in, or randomly walk around the city looking for a venue that can squeeze patrons in.

www.findavenue.io founder Jamie Andrei states: ‘Many people stopped coming into the CBD altogether during COVID, they stayed at home and ordered-in which decimated the local hospitality sector. Being based in the city, I saw first-hand the impact the drop in foot traffic was having on venues. Foot traffic was down 90% with weekly takings mirroring that trend. As things improved there was still a lot of uncertainty and confusion over bookings. It got me thinking, there has to be a better way to find a venue.’

In addition to the positive feedback from initial market research, the easy-to-use web app has been testing well, with over 50 interviews being conducted with venue staff and the public alike.

Uncertainty and frustration over bookings are universal pain points and www.findavenue.io is a simple and efficient way to improve the overall hospitality customer experience, encourage people to return safely to the Sydney CBD, increase venue occupancy and bring back fun and discovery to people’s lives.

‘The response has been great. The Sydney City Council, Sydney City Liquor Accord and CBD Sydney Chamber of Commerce have all been supportive. Customer and industry feedback has been very positive. Our focus is to get the public using the web app regularly to streamline their CBD customer experience and attract people into local venues,’ Mr Andrei said.

Ultimately the technology could be used across many sectors from museums, restaurants to art galleries, the Royal Easter Show and more. Anywhere that foot traffic and venue capacity are key inputs. The long term vision is to operate the web app as a free to use, location-based media business. To use the web app please visit www.findavenue.io.

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