A Day in the Life of a Gentleman for Hire


Gentleman for hire or male escort are known terms these days in the UK, this industry is now more acceptable by the society as there is no harm done by any means by the persons doing it. The males that are associated with it are professional and do their job perfectly.

The main job of a male escort is to be there for his female clients. These women who pay gentlemen to be with them want them to spend time and treat them the way they want like always being on time on their dates, treat her like she is very important and make her feel comfortable in every way possible.

In this article, you will know what they do from morning to evening. However, these males have no proper schedule like sometimes they can set their work hours but some potential clients need them on certain time they want on certain days. Sometimes they may have to focus on a single client and other times they may have to deal with multiple meetings throughout the whole day.

Let’s find out what gentleman for hire does on a typical day but first let’s shed some light on what services they offer.

Services Offered by Gentleman for Hire

A gentleman for hire has female clients that hire them for different purposes. To clear the picture for you here is an example of what they offer and when or for what you can hire them. If you are a single businesswoman and don’t have someone that attend formal parties with you, a gentleman for hire service is for you. These are trained professionals that have confidence with the knowledge to deal with any kind of person and can help you stay confident informal parties.

Mainly a woman wants a male to be with them as a companion for a different event and for a different reason. No matter what kind of services you want, they can provide. If you want to hire a male escort in Manchester or anywhere in the UK you can contact Male Companion London. This is one agency that not just have a list of male escorts working with them but offers full secured services to clients that have trust issues. They are well known for their services. Get in touch with them and know what they can offer.


Not all the male escorts are the same but all of them require to have a certain level of physical fitness to look attractive like a slim outline with muscular definition. This way they can take a client’s breath when they wear a sharp suit.

After waking up they may go for a jog in the near local park or may go to the gym for their particular strength training session. They wake up hours before 9 am as because most of the clients at these times don’t expect these males to communicate with them. They wake up a couple of hours before to get things done like workout, breakfast and freshen up.

They pay full attention to hygiene when preparing. Taking a shower to meet your friends or casually go out is a different thing being in tip-top shape to meet the clients is another scenario that requires extra hygiene level. In case when they are meeting their client for the first time, then it takes more effort, care and attention when preparing to meet clients because they don’t want to give a bad first impression so they pay attention to every inch of details.


At this time of the day, they have to get down to work. Open up their laptop and take care of the business. If an escort is independent then they also have to do other jobs of running a business.

Other business includes many different activities like documenting expenses, tax time preparation and many other tasks. Mid-morning is also a great time to find new clients and do other marketing things like they can talk with current clients to get referrals.

On some other day, they may hold some casual meetings like coffee dates with new clients to let them know more about their services and get to know more about each other. This is a great way to allow both to see if there is any chemistry when they are together.

Afternoon and Evening

Dates and meetings in the afternoons for a gentleman for hire are casual. They have the potential to expand into the evening if the customer wants to. Still, most of the woman want a relaxing afternoon with a male that treats them well and have a lot of stimulating and interesting conversations to offer.

Afternoons at some occasions can be free time for these escorts and they can spend their time with friends and families or just take a break from work. These are times that makes jobs for these gentlemen less stressful and let them control over when to work.

Some male escorts do this job as part-time and they have regular jobs that they have to do. This means that they have some specific availability at times like they are available in afternoon and evening time during the working days and be available throughout the day during the weekends.

Evening time is mostly reserved for current clients and take them out on dates. These dates include dinner, attending some event, they can go watch a movie, go into a posh social gathering or even go for a romantic stroll in town.

Every day is different and different clients have several kinds of requirements so agencies like male escort London encourage their employees to be ready for any eventuality. Sometimes the client may want a companion to go into a party with them or they can book a man for some days to be with them for travelling.

Final Words

In this article, you learned about different things that are related to the gentleman for hire like the services they provide and what they do on a typical working day. Hope this article helped.