5 Reasons SwipeSimple Mobile Processing Can Benefit Your Business


Mobile payments are essential for your business. You need the power to collect payments from people from anywhere you do business, even if it means going well outside your physical place of work. One solution you can utilize for your mobile payment needs is SwipeSimple.

SwipeSimple is a mobile payment processor that helps you accept payments from your store or on the go. SwipeSimple is trusted by tens of thousands of small businesses that need a flexible way of collecting payments.

There are five great reasons why SwipeSimple is ideal for when you need a mobile processing solution. These points show what makes SwipeSimple convenient and helpful for your use, regardless of the industry you support.

SwipeSimple Is Flexible

SwipeSimple is one of the most flexible mobile processing solutions available. You can use SwipeSimple services in many forms. The point is for business operations, as you need to provide extra support for all the projects you wish to complete.

For starters, SwipeSimple can work on many platforms. You can use SwipeSimple on a desktop computer and Android and iOS devices.

You can also utilize the SwipeSimple platform on multiple devices, including on Bluetooth-enabled mobile card readers. Some of these readers can also accept magnetic stripe cards and EMV-enabled cards. You can use these systems for contactless payments from Google Pay or Apple Pay.

You can also use a Bluetooth-enabled receipt printer if you wish. The printer can attach to your mobile device, but it can also work alongside a traditional computer or kiosk in your retail space.

SwipeSimple’s card readers are easy to carry and can attach to a smartphone or tablet. You can load the SwipeSimple platform to your device and then apply the card reader. The system takes moments to set up.

The SwipeSimple software setup links to various merchant accounts and processors. You can enable several merchant accounts. You do not have to use an aggregated merchant account like what Square and other platforms would require.

The Dashboard Helps You Track Your Data

SwipeSimple uses a dashboard that tracks your data and gives you details on everything happening in your business. You can access the dashboard on your mobile device. A desktop portal program is also available for your use.

The SwipeSimple dashboard gives you various features:

  • A virtual terminal lets you accept payments and add customer data as it appears.
  • You can review customer contact data and their payment methods.
  • You can see what products or services people are purchasing the most.
  • There are sections for invoices, scheduled payments, and other transactions within your business. You can track how these movements work.
  • The dashboard can link to Excel, QuickBooks, or other third-party management tools.
  • Transaction reports for tax reviews are also available.

These features help you review how well your business operates and what trends are noticeable. You can use this setup to see what works when reviewing data.

You can use the dashboard on any device that supports the SwipeSimple system. SwipeSimple uses a simple display to help you review your data. You can customize your reports based on categories you wish to sort your data.

All SwipeSimple Transactions Are Secure

You won’t have to worry about whether your mobile payment setup is secure when you use SwipeSimple. SwipeSimple is a PCI-compliant system that follows all the rules for ensuring payment card transactions are safe. These include points for producing a firewall to protect data and to restrict cardholder data over a need-to-know basis.

Each SwipeSimple reader comes with a distinct serial number. Each transaction links to that serial number. You can use this to track whatever transactions you complete, providing you with records for data and other content for report purposes.

The SwipeSimple platform will not charge any extra fees for meeting PCI compliance rules. The feature keeps the cost of using SwipeSimple down.

You will need this feature if you wish to accept mobile payments. Your customers want peace of mind in knowing that what you include is safe.

The System Works For Many Industries

SwipeSimple supports a wide variety of industries and almost any business type. You can use the SwipeSimple setup for many purposes:

  • You can use this at a fashion boutique to collect payments from people in a retail outlet.
  • You can accept payments for home services, including for plumbing, electrical work, and other things. You could also collect tips or set custom tip values in your mobile payment program.
  • Transportation service providers can also use SwipeSimple to collect payments at the time of sale. You can use the SwipeSimple platform to input the proper charge for each person, with the total varying by each project.

SwipeSimple provides a flexible approach to work that will fit your business. You can apply the SwipeSimple platform in many environments, making this a more useful choice for work.

SwipeSimple Provides Better Customer Service

One of the greatest issues people have when shopping with merchants entails slow checkout efforts. You need to ensure your customers can pay for their products or services without wasting their time.

SwipeSimple’s mobile processing setup helps you collect money and manage a client’s card in less time. The streamlined approach SwipeSimple provides helps you gather funds and finish off transactions to where your customers will feel positive.

You can also use SwipeSimple to track loyalty programs and customer behaviors. You can tailor your marketing and sales efforts based on what fits your customers’ actions. The system lets you make your products and services more appealing to prospective and loyal customers.

All of these features show what makes SwipeSimple a useful solution for when you need to collect mobile payments. You can use this to accept money and manage your data while staying safe. You will appreciate how well the system works and that it can help you manage your payment efforts.

Author Bio:

Hannah Cohen is a Senior Relationship Manager with Host Merchant Services.  A graduate of University of Michigan, Hannah has extensive experience in the merchant services industry.  At Host Merchant Services, she specializes in working with small to medium sized businesses to streamline their payment processing, reduce costs, and to implement payment technology to enhance customer experiences and drive revenue.  She is an expert on the topics of customer service and payment processing trends.